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A Classic Kalyana Mandapam Trichy

Ayush Homam

Sasthrams states that there are 4 types of death Kala mruthue , Akala mruthue , Apamruthue and Durmaranam.
Kalamruthyue is the death after completion of the life span or “ayush” of a person from the birth in this world. Akala mruthue is the death caused by accident, Apamruthue is the death caused by diseases and Durmaranam is the death caused by suicide. Aushya homam assures that it can make a person escape from the Akala mruthue , Apamruthue and Durmaranam.

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kalyana mandapam trichy
kalyana mandapam trichy

When Ayush Homam is performed?

Ayushya homam is performed to worship the God Ayur Devatha. By worshipping God, one gets long life and blessings from Ayur Devatha.

Ayush Homam must be conducted on the day of jenma nakshatra arrives for the person who is performing the homam. Can be done at any age of life and it is especially performed during each Decade year or even at any younger ages to bestow them with good health.

According to sasthram, if a child is repeatedly falling ill, Ayush homam can be performed on a monthly basis till the little child attains good health. Usually, this is performed once a year on the day of jenma nakshatra of the child is born. It is started on the day the child completes one year of age.

kalyana mandapam trichy
kalyana mandapam trichy

Need for Ayush Homam

  • Ayush Homam is performed to live a long and healthy life.

  • Ayush homam is suitable for neglecting low and high health risks in a powerful way.

  • Children gets hugely benefited by Ayush Homan which helps in preventing both health problems and karma issues.

  • Ayush homam opens the ways for curing diseases and removes the obstacles by addressing exact needs during homam.

  • Performing Ayush Homan shows the ways for reducing the bad effects of planets to reduce the chances of accidents, injuries and high health threats.
  • kalyana mandapam trichy
    kalyana mandapam trichy

    Significance of homam & Fire Lab

    Ayushya homam helps us clearing the negative impact from our previous birth as well as helps us improving the overall well being of a person.

    It is possible to control unexpected and sudden death with Ayush homam by increasing the quality of life.

    Ayushya homam helps to get relief from mental and physical health problems.

    Ayush Fire Lab has the power to cure even the critical severe ailments and gives relief to the sufferer. People who are knocked down with worst health and looking for a remedy for their ailments can perform the Ayush homam.

    kalyana mandapam trichy
    kalyana mandapam trichy

    The accompanying entities are approached to upgrade the Fire Lab:

  • Markandeya – Represents wellbeing and willpower to recover from ailments

  • Chiranjivi - The ancient immortal seers

  • Ashwathama – Immortal sage and valiant warrior

  • Mahabali – Immortal benevolent king

  • Vyasa – Immortal saint famed for sacred writings

  • Lord Hanuman – First and foremost of Lord Rama’s disciples

  • Vibheeshana – Famed for righteousness

  • Kripacharya – A famous Sage who is immortal and tutors royal children

  • Parashurama – Immortal warrior incarnation of Vishnu
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