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A Classic Kalyana Mandapam
in Srirankam

Engagement - The Beginning

The engagement ceremony in Hinduism is an auspicious occasion particularly for the Brahmin families, which symbolizes the inauguration of a new life for the couple. Engagement is very a very old tradition and even it has a reference in Vedas as “Vagdanam”. Engagement ceremony is celebrated in the girl’s house, or in a temple, or in kalyana mandapam if some one wants it in a grandeur manner. It is considered as a very spiritual event in the Brahmin marriages.

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kalyana mandapam in srirankam

The Meeting

In Hindu marriages, especially in Brahmin marriages, after the match of the horoscopes, the boy (Groom) and the girl (Bride) meets for the first time. Now-a-days couples like to meet in public places like restaurants, coffee shop or in temple rather than meeting at either one of their homes to discuss better about their future and share both or their thoughts, likes and dislikes.

kalyana mandapam in srirankam

The Confirmation

After the meeting if couples like each other they inform their parents to proceed further.

After accepting each other by both boy’s and girl’s family and agreeing for the marriage, both family proceeds the first event called engagement ceremony, which is not just a confirmation of the marriage but a first information to the relatives, friends from both the sides of the families. Engagement ceremony helps both the families to understand better on the cultural issues and rituals to be held in the families.

kalyana mandapam in srirankam

The Engagement

The engagement starts with Ganapathi Poojai and then Punyahavachanam, followed by exchanging the new set of clothes as a gift to the bride and the groom to get ready for the engagement.

After that marriage agreement letter is read to the peoples gather by our priest in front of all the family members. The agreement is signed by the members of both the families and the signed letters are then documented for legal purposes.

The engagement states that the boy’s family is giving their word of honor to the girl’s family that they have accepted their daughter for their son and more over they assure that they will be responsible for the girl’s happy future.

At the engagement, the marriage date fixed. The Bride and Groom exchange wedding rings and gifts to each other. A family Priest will be performing all the engagement rituals.

kalyana mandapam in srirankam

The Blessings

After exchanging rings and gift by each family, the bride and the groom seeks blessing from the elders from both the families and friends.

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