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Upanayanam means ‘the act of leading to or close’. Upanayanam (Poonal Kalyanam) is one of the most significant samskaras followed by a little young boy of the family when he is ready to learn the vedic mantras and start with a new journey in his life growing up as an adult. Upanayanam leads towards knowledge, a second birth of that young child. It is a ceremonial rite to help in purifying self and to gain and prepare himself internally strong to resist the evil and to make the external conditions to protect and support.

Usually upanayanam is done in marriage halls or in temples or in ashrams.

ac marriage halls in trichy
ac marriage halls in trichy

Why Upanayanam?

‘Upanayanam’ means ‘bringing near’ to Guru who initiates bramachari life of a boy by giving him the sacred mantra called Gayatri.

Our Tradition says that Upanayanam is a ceremony that denotes the acceptance of the student by teacher. Usually it is performed before the boys starts studying his Vedic mantras which is also know as vidhrambham. It is the first step towards to lead a Bramachari life.

Upanayanam Ceremony is performed when boy is ready to learn all the vedas, mantras to perform sandhyavandhanam every day. The young boy wears the sacred three white thread along with Deerskin and Brahma Mudichi while performing the Gayathri Japa.

ac marriage halls in trichy
ac marriage halls in trichy

Rituals Performed in Upanayanam

The most significant rituals performed at the time of Upanayanam are Brahmopadesam and Yagnopavidam. The ceremony is performed as per the boy’s respective family Vedas such as Yajur, Rig, Adarvana or Sama and the guru or vadhyar orAcharya of that particular veda will perform and lead the entire ceremony as per the old traditional vedic standards and its mantras. Udaka Shanthi and Nandhi is an significant part of this Ritual.

ac marriage halls in trichy
ac marriage halls in trichy

Benefits of doing the Upanayanam early in life

The rite of Upanayanam, the initiation to the Gayatri, are believed to stabilize the thought process, stabilize the mind, give it the right tone and energy to absorb all that there is to be learnt, paving the way for intellectual growth. It brings about much needed focus, increased concentration and maturity, that is needed for a child to pursue education. The knowledge the child gains by study of the scriptures gives him the ability to see things in better perspective. It thus becomes very relevant in this day and age as well, to perform the Upanayanam at an early stage.

ac marriage halls in trichy
ac marriage halls in trichy

Key Insights

  • The boy gains the right to study Vedas through this ceremony.

  • This allows a Brahmin boy to enter into Brahmacharya Avastha.

  • The three threads stand for Brahma, Vishnu, and Siva.

  • Done on an auspicious date compatible to Janma Nakshatra of the boy.
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